New Year’s Hair Resolutions

It’s the beginning of a new year, which means it’s the perfect time for change.

We all make New Year’s Resolutions, whether it’s to join a gym, start eating healthier or to be more adventurous… But here at Loxbox we thought, what about our hair? What are some good New Year’s Hair Resolutions to adopt in 2018 to keep our locks looking the best they can all year round.

Here are 5 New Year’s Hair Resolutions we think you should adopt for 2018. Trust us, you’ll thank us later!


Do you find yourself in a styling rut? can you count your go-to styles on only one hand that you find yourself repeating throughout the week?

New year, new you!

…So be brave! go and dye your hair that colour you’ve always secretly wanted but never had the guts!

Want longer, thicker or more volumised hair? well now’s the time to make that change, stop being too scared to act on it and make it happen! With Loxbox it couldn’t be simpler to turn your predictable styles into on-trend looks.

Here at Loxbox we are making our own New Year’s Hair Resolution: To help you looking gorgeous all year round! Keep an eye out throughout this year for How To video tutorials to style your extensions into salon looking styles at home! say goodbye to 2017 with the ultimate new hair new you and discover new styles with us!


Are you one of those people who always put off visiting the salon for as long as possible? If you are then listen up because this New Year’s hair resolution is for you! Missing regular trims can cause your hair to become dry and your split ends wont go away on their own they will only get worse.

For those of you rocking Loxbox extensions you should adopt a new habit of booking regular appointments with your stylist to have a professional blowdry. Not only will this become a monthly treat for yourself boosting the feel good factor and feeling glamorous all year round but it also has massive benefits for the quality of your hair. Having regular professional blow-drys will make sure the cuticle on your Loxbox hair is being closed, avoiding potential damage and heat burns on your hair.


We all make this classic New Year’s resolution right? after binge eating over the holidays we all make a promise to eat much healthier in the new year. For most of us, this New years resolution doesn’t last long but maybe we should all put more effort into this because not only does eating well keep our bodies feeling happy and healthy but it also has the same effect on our hair!

The best way for your hair to receive the nutrients it needs is through a good diet. Different food types have different benefits for your hair. Chicken, fish and nuts, or any food types that are packed with protein will encourage hair growth. whereas, foods rich in Vitamin A help your scalp produce sebum which is a natural conditioner that keeps your hair feeling silky smooth.


We all have those days when our hair just isn’t doing what we tell it. Bad hair day? or just in a rush? for days like this knowing how to pull your Loxbox extensions into a ponytail, messy bun or quick updo is a hair lifesaver!

Here at Loxbox we’ve got your back, guiding you through with our video tutorials on how to style your LoxBox extensions into quick, simple, but beautiful styles.


Committing to a hair care routine sounds tiresome right? Especially if you already have a busy life schedule.

But here at Loxbox we know the importance of having a hair-care routine that will ensure no matter your hairstyle, your hair will look shiny and healthy. We are here to help you along with this New Year’s Hair Resolution!

A hair-care routine can be as simple as ensuring you are using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type, reducing the amount of heat styling you do each week and giving your hair a little more special attention every now and then


Do you have a busy schedule that limits the amount of time you have to spend on nourishing you hair?

All we are asking is that one night a week, on a night where you are staying in to just curl up on the sofa watching your favourite movie, why not give your hair a bit of TLC at the same time? It only takes a few minutes to massage a deep conditioning treatment into your hair, after that wrap your hair in a warm towel to lock in the moisture, then relax and watch your movie before you rinse it out. A regular deep conditioning treatment will help lock in your hairs moisture and keep it looking glamorous all year long. Ask your stylist or contact us here at Loxbox about which treatments are perfect for your hair type.

A little bit of regular hair TLC goes a long way, no only will it make your hair healthier looking more glamorous and glossy, but healthier hair also means styling will be much easier!

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