Welcome to the home of Loxbox,

developed by multi award-winning hairdresser

and extensionist, Michelle Griffin.

Introducing Loxbox hair extensions,

to suit every need from fashion to hair loss.


Loxbox hair extensions have been carefully

selected from double drawn, 100% virgin remy hair; resulting in luxury hair with outstanding performance.

Michelle has developed her own line of luxury hair extensions.

Her choice of hair is of the finest grade to suits your clients every need whether they are looking for fashion changes or providing a hair loss solution.


There are over 40 colours, three lengths and straight to wavy textures to choose from.


Loxbox provides all methods of extensions and integration hair pieces coupled with training courses taught throughout the UK and Internationally.

“I have been wearing hair extensions for 30 years. I know everything there is to know about added hair, it is a passion of mine, as I have always had natural fine textured hair. From the age of 22 years when I opened my first salon, I have been adding extensions into clients’ hair styles to create length, volume and colour.”

- Michelle Griffin, The Founder of Loxbox


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